I. waste waste 1 [weɪst] noun
1. [uncountable] unwanted materials or substances that are left after a particular process:

• The factory's byproduct waste is used to feed pigs.

• illegal disposal of hazardous waste

• Our primary business is industrial waste collection, treatment and disposal services.

• government guidelines for toxic waste disposal

2. [singular, uncountable] things such as money or skills that should be used effectively, but are not:

• Try as he might, the new manager couldn't overcome the waste and inefficiency that had plagued the plant for years.

• Sales of natural gas at present prices would be a waste of company assets.

— waste adjective [only before a noun] :

• the recycling of waste materials

  [m0] II. waste waste 2 verb [transitive]
to use more of something, especially time or money, than you need to, or use it in a way that is not sensible:

• A prominent economist has suggested that the government wasted $200 billion during the oil-price boom.

• We waste a lot of time and legal fees on defending our trademarks rather than tending to business.

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waste UK US /weɪst/ noun
[S or U] an unnecessary or careless use of resources or skills: a waste of money/resources/time »

The meeting was a complete waste of time.


All departments have been instructed to avoid waste.

[U] materials or substances with no use or value, for example, ones that are produced when other products are being made: »

the disposal of waste

hazardous/radioactive/toxic waste »

The company was charged with illegally disposing of toxic waste.


household/industrial waste

waste UK US /weɪst/ adjective [before noun]
left after what is valuable has been used, and no longer needed: »

the collection and recycling of waste materials

waste UK US /weɪst/ verb [T]
to use more money, time, resources, etc. than is needed: »

The board decided it could not waste any more time and money developing the product.

to not use something in an effective way: waste a chance/effort/opportunity »

Oftel had the chance to create real competition to BT but it has wasted the opportunity.


wasted skills/talent

waste no time in doing sth — Cf. waste no time in doing sth

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